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Who We Are

John Tooher - Principal

As a trusted advisor to C-suite executives and entrepreneurs, John Tooher has successfully worked with and for some of the top companies in the world including 3M and General Electric. Years of leadership roles in multiple countries and industry sectors have expanded his cross-functional knowledge and enriched his understanding of what makes a business succeed or fail. During a 10-year period as the President and CEO of Yell Adworks Inc., a multi-national media production company, he increased revenue from $10M to over $60M by continuously focusing on the long-term vision rather than last month’s results. John firmly believes that people want to be led, not managed, but leaders can’t lead unless they have a defined destination and a clear plan to get there. He expertly guides his clients, many of which are SaaS and IT Service companies, to create transformative business roadmaps to stay ahead of the competition and drive future growth. John also trains senior sales executives in companies such as Salesforce, VMware, and ServiceNow to have more strategic and successful engagements with the C-suite at their target clients.

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The Bench

Helping you to determine the future destination for your business and how you’ll get there is our main focus, but executing on a strategic plan often requires access to subject-matter experts across a range of disciplines. That’s where the Tooher Consulting Bench comes into play.

As business leaders themselves, these entrepreneurs have been presented with many of the same challenges and opportunities you may be facing, and can offer specific knowledge to assist you and your team to make the best decisions for the success of your business.

Ben Johnson
Freya Systems
Data Analytics and AI
Michael Bertoni
Philly Tech
Sales Leads/Recruitment/Software Build
Josh Irons
River Avenue Digital
Marketing and Brand Awareness
Erin Jernigan
Victory Supply Chain
Supply Chain and Logistics
Ellen Thompson
Results Repeat
Patrick Hayakawa
Support for Innovation and Emerging Technology
Sebastian Napoli
NRG Edge 
Content Management
Drew Montemayor

DM Design Solutions
Art Direction and Graphic Design